Canon D-SLR

Very Cool (Free) Guide to Video D-SLRs from B&H

The folks at B&H realize how interesting but also how complicated the addition of video to the D-SLR has made our buying decisions and how many new accessory needs it has created. So they've created a really nifty interactive guide to HD-Video D-SLRs that you can benefit from for free. Just click the Start button in the HDSLR logo to the left of this post to get started. And make sure and let us know what you think about their information on the subject.

Canon Instant Rebates Ending August 8th

Jody at Roberts wants to make sure everyone knows that the Canon rebates are really ending August 8. There was a report that they'd been extended to September, but that is not the case. There are some great cash back offers on quite a wide range of Canon lenses and flashes.